A very common reason that most of the women give for their weight is that they don't get enough time to do any exercise. While many do change their routine, but for some women it's really hard to do so. The kitchen can be one of the best places to add some basic exercise as women, especially housewives, spend a lot of time in the kitchen, taking care of the food habits of the entire family.
Cooking in itself is a good way to burn more calories than when you eat at a restaurant or order a take-out. While you cook, you usually lift heavy pots and pans, stand a lot and move around the kitchen. Here are some things that you can do in your own kitchen and turn cooking in to a good workout!

1.Store smartly: Keep the frequently needed items (like spices, salt and sugar jars or cooking utensils) either in the upper shelves or lower shelves rather than keeping them at hand and eye level. You would have to stretch as you reach up or squat down every time you need these items. While picking items from lower shelves, avoid bending over at the waist to protect your lower back. Instead squat down by bending your knees slowly while keeping your back perfectly straight. This will give a good workout to your upper leg muscles (quadriceps and hamstring) and buttocks. While reaching for the items in the upper shelf, stretch slowly and rise up onto your toes. This will give a good workout to your calves. You can also make it a habit to do 5 repetitions of these calf raises or squats each time you reach for something high or low.

2.Toss your food: Toss food instead of stirring it. This way you can spend more calorie as it takes a lot more strength than mixing the food around with a spoon. Also, it works out your arm and shoulder muscles. Pick up the pan by its handle and toss the ingredients in the air. But make sure that you don't toss it too high for safety purpose.

3. Avoid using electric mixer: Whenever possible, use a whisk instead of an electric mixer. Hand whisking (like when whisking egg or curd) is a great exercise for your arm muscles. Similarly, you can use manual grating rather than using a mixer grinder whenever possible, like while grating tomato for a vegetable puree. Again, it will be a good workout for your arm muscles.

4.Turn kneading into a workout: Use both your hands while kneading the dough or mashing potatoes. This is a good exercise for your arm muscles. Also, knead for a little extra time; the dough will be softer as well as you will spend more calories kneading.

5.Use heavier utensils: Use a heavier knife or a cleaver while cutting/chopping your vegetables to give your hands, forearms and wrists a good workout. Also, if possible, try using heavier utensils like cast-iron frying pan and soup pots while cooking as they are much heavier to lift, giving you a better workout.

6.Improve your balance: While cooking, try balancing on one leg by raising one foot off the ground and hold for 5 to 10 seconds. Repeat with other leg. If you don't feel much stable, hold onto the countertop.

7.Use the wait time: While you are waiting for the milk to boil or the pressure cooker to whistle, don't just stand there waiting. Rather you can do on-the-spot jogging or neck and arm rotation exercises. You can also do counter push-ups by positioning yourself about two feet from the countertop and placing both hands on the counter. While on this postition, slowly lean in till your chin is just above the countertop. Now, push with your arms to lift back up and repeat. This is just like a normal push-up but easier. Remember to keep the floor dry so your feet won't slip.


Nice tips hon... will surely do them from now...

December 1, 2010 at 1:42 PM  

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